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Stop singing
your heart out
to strange men
whose lips can kiss love
in multiple tongues,
but tremble
every time you ask them to spell loyalty.
by Neha Ray, Letters to my Sisters (via yesdarlingido)

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Time flows in a strange way on Sundays.
by Haruki Murakami (via ghosts)

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When you meet someone who tries their hardest to stick by you regardless of how difficult you are, keep them. Keep them at all costs because finding someone who cares enough to look past your flaws isn’t something that happens every day.
by Midnight Thoughts (I got lucky with you)

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Snowing Again by (Several seconds)
You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.
by One of the most freeing things I have ever heard (via firecannotkillabadwolf)

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You are not designed for everyone to like you.
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This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you. Even if school, work or general life isn’t okay, you’ll get through it because you are damn strong and amazing.

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René Magritte - The Lovers (1928) X Crystal Castles - Not in Love (2010)
It takes a lot to start over again … But you owe it to yourself.
by Unknown (via psych-facts)

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be thankful for the love and light in your life. be shaped by the waves of kindness others have shown you, and work to return them. take stock of the potential you have, and the things you can use to make your dreams come true. be thankful for the lessons you learnt thru the hardships. be thankful you made it this far

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